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Angus Council

Our Journey to Digital Telecare – Angus Council

Key drivers for transitioning to digital telecare:

  • Provide a proactive service that is future proofed and fit for the 21st century;
  • Ensure users’ benefit from the new digital supportive technology that is now available;
  • Ensure users’ are not socially disadvantaged or left behind by the digital transition;
  • Improve connectivity with other work systems and reduce carbon footprint;
  • Provide an opportunity to collaborate and share mutually beneficial outcomes for the benefit of all.

Stage of transition process:

  • Completed the tendering process;
  • Allocated works to supplier;
  • In the middle of pre control room upgrade preparation and discussions – upgrade scheduled for 2nd week in November.

Key challenges and overcoming them:

  • Tendering process took a lot longer than expected initially causing a re-evaluation of timetable for moving forward;
  • Problems gaining IT support for the project initially, however secured support and was ready to upgrade control room in April when Pandemic hit.

Next steps in digital telecare journey:

  • Once upgrade has been carried out, digital alarms will be purchased, assessed and tested to find out which is the most suitable for moving forward with;
  • Start migration of equipment over to digital and carry out penetration testing of all until confident enough to go “live” digitally.

One ‘top tip’ based on the transition journey:

  • You are not alone! Build up a network of support from those who are further on in their transition, make use of the Digital Telecare Playbook and support network available from the Digital Telecare for Scottish Local Government Programme;
  • Have at least one person on the project that is technologically minded, who can help guide through some of the more technically challenging aspects of the transition preparation.

Pulished date: October 2020.