The following information lists the most frequently asked questions relating to Digital Telecare and our programme of work:

The original 'plan' indicated digital transition for 2021. Has this been amended?
British Telecom providers have indicated they will shift to digital services by 2025. Digital Telecare has learned that work in support of that shift is already underway.

Will there be a new procurement framework to support the purchase of new digital products (Scotland Excel limits the choices available)?
Digital Telecare is working closely with Scotland Excel. Where there is information to share, we will contact our stakeholders accordingly.

Will the new procurement framework go beyond equipment and include an Alarm Receiving Centre dimension?
Digital Telecare is working closely with Scotland Excel. Where there is information to share, we will contact our stakeholders accordingly.

Is it worth investing in 2g/3g technology for our whole service user base (3500) if we will need to upgrade to 4g in the potentially not to distant future?
Digital Telecare is in the process of developing a supporting document that considers this important question. Once it is available, it will be added to the Digital Telecare Playbook.

We are seeing dangerous digital solutions being suggested in the industry (ATA Gateways etc..) - Will specific digital standards be adopted to ensure safety is priority?
Digital Telecare will create a series of Standards products to support the transformational shift to digital telecare services. We are always looking to work with partners in the development of such products and would welcome any such engagement. Once these products are at the point of formal approval, they will be added to the Digital Telecare Playbook.  

The playbook looks fabulous. A great tool for education and considering significant aspects of digital transition. Is it possible for commercial partners to gain access and review the playbook?
The Digital Telecare Playbook is a resource that is open to anyone who has an interest in digital telecare transformation.

Will the business case doc get bigger? Presently only 7 pages.
The Business Case document in the Digital Telecare Playbook is a template to support the development of a Business Case. A worked-up example of a Business Case for digital telecare is currently in the final stages of approval and will be made available to the Playbook soon.

Will there be info on the playbook around some of those alternate suppliers from other countries, to save 32 LAs doing this?
Digital Telecare recently hosted the Transitioning to Digital Telecare Workshop with guest from Norway sharing their experience of transitioning to digital telecare. We are taking lessons learned from this event into consideration and are exploring all possibilities.

Is there an opportunity to arrange workshops for those Local Authorities that are planning on moving to implementation stage in early 2020?
Digital Telecare has been working with a number of Local Authorities to provide such support to them at different stages of their digital telecare journey. If this is something that your Local Authority requires, please outline your requirements and share those with Digital Telecare directly.