Navigating the 2025 Switch-Off: Preparing for the Digital Transformation of Housing Services.

Navigating the 2025 Switch-Off: Preparing for the Digital Transformation of Housing Services.

Are you prepared for the 2025 switch-off? If not, consider how it might impact housing services and the equipment we often overlook, which currently rely on analogue lines for support: 

  • Phone lines: Traditional phone lines will cease to work. This includes both voice calls and services that depend on landline connections. 
  • Fax: Fax machines that rely on analogue lines will become obsolete, as they won't function without the PSTN/ISDN. 
  • Internet: Services that rely on dial-up internet connections will be affected, as they use analogue lines for connectivity. 
  • Warden Call/Dispersed Alarms: Systems that use analogue lines to connect to an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) for monitoring and response won't function. 
  • ARC Alarm Monitoring (Telecare): Telecare systems that provide monitoring and support for individuals will be disrupted without analogue lines. 
  • Main Fire Detection System: If a fire detection system relies on off-site communication to an alarm centre via analogue lines, it will be compromised. 
  • Door Entry and Key-Safe Remote Opening: Remote opening mechanisms for doors and key safes that depend on analogue lines will no longer work. 
  • Lift Alarm Communications: Communication systems in lifts that use analogue lines for emergency alarms will be impacted. 
  • ARC Services Digitisation: Alarm Receiving Centres and related services need to transition to digital technologies before the 2025 switch-off to ensure their continued functionality. 

While 2025 might appear distant, the retirement of the aging PSTN/ISDN and the discontinuation of all landlines is just under 900 days away. To safeguard vital connectivity and services from disruption, it's crucial to be ready for the impending 2025 Switch-Off.


How to Prepare: 

Action is needed to safeguard housing and especially telecare services used to support tenants. Using strategic housing plans alongside new digital technologies, the opportunity exists for housing to transform services and improve tenant outcomes. Prepare for the switch now by: 

  • Assessing your housing estate and engage with your Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) team to acquire a list of equipment monitored by them or linked off-site. 
  • Talking to your IT department to check who your communication provider is and identify the source of connectivity for your housing complexes and associated equipment.  
  • Finding out if analogue lines exist and if plans are in place to transition these lines and the associated equipment to digital. 

How can we help you? 

Our comprehensive Housing Resource Pack offers an overview of resources available through the Digital Telecare Programme. Reach out today to sign up or connect with Sharon Hannah, our Project Manager for Housing, to explore how we can support you.