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Digital Telecare Assessed Solutions Scheme

When implementing digital telecare, telecare service providers are likely to use a range of suppliers to provide the equipment and services that form the overall solution. For this reason, telecare service providers need to evaluate the cyber security risk associated with each supplier before integrating their equipment/service into the solution.

Digital Telecare has designed an assessment procedure to reduce the burden on suppliers to provide this evidence to multiple customer organisations and ensure a consistent and best practice approach is taken to cyber security. To view more information about the assessment process, please log in to the Playbook and view the Digital Telecare Assessed Solutions Scheme Process document.

Assessed Solutions List

Suppliers are assessed against their business processes related to cyber security. In addition, devices or services are also individually assessed and passed to be entered on to an 'Assessed Solutions List'. 

This List is available to telecare service providers who are engaging with the Digital Telecare Programme. To view the List,  please log in to the Playbook and view the Digital Telecare Assessed Solutions List document. 

Suppliers can take part in the assessment process by contacting digitaltelecare@digitaloffice.scot with the following information: 

  • A point of contact for your company
  • A list of the equipment/services you intend to put through the Assessment Scheme
  • Potential timescales for completing the Assessment Scheme

If you have any queries regarding the Digital Telecare Assessed Solutions Scheme, please get in touch.