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Digital Telecare Maturity Assessment

Digital Telecare for Scottish Local Government has launched a brand new Digital Telecare Maturity Assessment to provide telecare service providers with guidance to assist with their readiness for the digital telecare transition.

Whilst managing telecare service provider support for the analogue to digital transition, the Digital Telecare team have increasingly been asked about the Digital Telecare Playbook by telecare service providers joining the programme or starting to consider their transition plans. Given the wealth of information currently available on the Playbook, this can appear somewhat intimidating to officers coming to it for the first time.

The Digital Telecare Implementation Award Scheme is also available to award and recognise telecare service providers who achieve certain milestones with the Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum categories.

This highlighted a need to both develop a system to aid telecare service providers in approaching and making best use of the Playbook, while also serving as a foundation level below the Implementation Award Scheme to help push towards the developments needed to gain an award in the Implementation Award Scheme.

The Digital Telecare Maturity Assessment Scheme will help to provide feedback on an organisations readiness, provide direct indication of the most appropriate sections of the Playbook to start with and guidance on the steps needed to begin the analogue to digital journey. Telecare service providers can request an assessment by contacting the digital telecare team.  If you would like to be assessed please get in touch.