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Chubb Fire and Security LTD Recommended for Award to Framework for the Shared ARC Platform

Announcement. Digital Telecare. 28.09.2023

Digital Office for Scottish Local Government and Scotland Excel are delighted to announce they have moved to Preferred Bidder status for the Shared ARC Platform framework to Chubb Fire and Security Limited (Chubb). This is one of the concluding parts of an extended procurement process, and we are looking forward to finalising the award of the contract over the coming days, engaging with Chubb and supporting the Early Adopters as they begin their transition to digital.

About the Shared ARC Platform 

Funded by the Scottish Government TEC Programme, the Shared ARC Platform is a revolutionary step forward in the telecare sector that champions a collective approach to implementation. Co-designed with Scottish Telecare Service Providers to meet the pressing needs of the sector, this ground-breaking solution offers a simplified pathway to adopting digital telecare, ensuring a seamless transition without compromising service quality.  

This will be more than just an efficient transition tool; it provides a dynamic platform for innovation. By empowering service providers and stakeholders to collaborate and drive transformative solutions, we have the potential to reshape the way we deliver telecare and support. 

This cutting-edge, multi-tenant, and cloud-based platform will be tailored to empower Telecare Service Providers, granting them the benefits of a shared infrastructure whilst maintaining full autonomy and accessing a wealth of service delivery possibilities. Security and scalability are paramount, ensuring smooth collaboration and information exchanging among Telecare Service Providers across Scotland. 

Martyn Wallace, Co-Chair for the Shared ARC Programme Steering Group and Digital Telecare Senior Responsible Officer, said: “The Shared Alarm Receiving Centre Platform procurement has been a massive piece of work in conjunction with Scotland Excel, Early Adopters, TEC Programme, Scottish Government, and the Digital Office Digital Telecare team. It proves that by collaborating and then disrupting with new technology and data, we can achieve and deliver even better outcomes. The Shared ARC Platform showcases sector-leading innovation and interoperability. Now we move forwards towards contract award and implementation with our provider Chubb before the analogue telephony switch-off in December 2025.” 

The Shared ARC Platform will streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and open new avenues for service expansion and innovation, making it a game-changer for Telecare Service Providers. It will eliminate the need for time-consuming technical and cybersecurity due diligence, allowing organisations to focus on delivering exceptional services. 

Telecare Service Providers can reduce operational burdens and ensure compliance with regulations, safety, and security standards. This innovative digital solution will automate routine tasks, freeing up staff capacity for customer-facing work and revolutionising the way telecare services operate.  

We have reached an important milestone on the journey for Telecare in Scotland. The Shared ARC Platform will provide a strong central structure to the migration from analogue to digital telephony for the sector, and together with the recently launched Telecare Information Framework will provide a stable environment within which Telecare providers can collaborate and innovate with each other and with industry. 

The Shared ARC Platform will not only expedite the adoption of digital ARC solutions, but also promises to elevate the quality of telecare services, ultimately improving outcomes for citizens.

Project Background 

In November 2021, the Digital Citizen Board approved the successful progression of the National Telecare Business Plan. In our commitment to enhancing telecare services ahead of the analogue to digital switchover, this comprehensive plan included a pivotal recommendation for the national procurement of a cutting-edge Shared Alarm Receiving Centre Platform. Following thorough sector engagement and an endorsement from the Scottish Government in February 2022, funding was secured, paving the way for the official launch of the Shared ARC Programme in March 2022.  

Working closely with industry stakeholders, the Technical Specification for the Shared ARC Platform was meticulously crafted. In June 2022, the Shared ARC Platform Technical Assurance Group gave their seal of approval, enabling Scotland Excel to transform this vision into a robust procurement specification. 

Hugh Carr, Director of Strategic Procurement for Scotland Excel, said: “The proposed framework contract is the result of a detailed procurement process and is a six-year agreement This affirms our commitment to delivering cutting-edge telecare solutions to public organisations, enhancing the well-being and safety of citizens across the nation, and supporting greater collaboration across the public sector.” 

The procurement tender process, a monumental step in the journey, commenced in March 2023 and concluded in May 2023. Extensive evaluation activities were conducted, culminating in a highly productive recommendation meeting with key stakeholders on 3rd August 2023, followed by approval at the Scotland Excel Executive Sub Committee on 18th August 2023. Formal communication of the outcome of the procurement process was issued to all tenderers on 15th September 2023, and the regulatory standstill period concluded on 26th September 2023. 

This momentous initiative garnered significant attention from industry players, with five tender responses received. The procurement process was managed collaboratively with Scotland Excel, reflecting the shared commitment to achieving excellence in telecare services.  

The contract to be awarded through this rigorous process is a six-year agreement, offering the flexibility of two additional one-year extension options. This strategic move solidifies our commitment to delivering cutting-edge telecare solutions to enhance the well-being and safety of citizens across the nation. 

Other Information

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all stakeholders involved in this project. We wish to express our appreciation to the Scottish Government TEC Programme, the 17 Early Adopter organisations who played a pivotal role in shaping the success of the project, and to the multitude of support, guidance and advice provided by members of the Shared ARC Programme Steering Group, Shared ARC Platform Working Group, User Intelligence Group and other stakeholders who have inputted into the development and evaluation of the procurement process. With special thanks to Farrpoint, who provided invaluable technical guidance throughout this project.