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CSL and LeGrand Partner to Address Telecare Service Provider Outages

Blog. Digital Telecare. 24.10.2023

On Tuesday 24th October 2023, CSL and LeGrand joined forces to host their first partnership event in Scotland. The event served as a platform for a customer engagement session for Telecare Service Providers and Housing Associations, focusing on the topic of the digital transition and the changes that come with new technology. 

The central theme of the day revolved around listening and gaining a better understanding of the impact of outages on Telecare Service Providers, with a collective aim to collaborate and share insights to develop future best practice.  

In response to recent outages, CSL and LeGrand have taken onboard feedback from Telecare Service Providers and have undertaken efforts to address concerns and implement solutions. Central to these efforts is the improving communication and making further enhancements to their cloud management platform. 

During the partnership event, immediate changes were introduced. Simultaneously, CSL and LeGrand welcomed suggestions from Telecare Service Providers, which will be reviewed and developed in accordance with the feedback provided.

Some of the developments from CSL / LeGrand include: 

  • Removing audio message on all Reach IP (Internet Protocol) devices (device not connected to GSM network) 

  • LeGrand BRM will review programming templates and push notifications. 

  • Portal push notifications to be reviewed for training manual (flow-chart for process) 

  • Following initial training, BRM will overview event status for CMP (Cloud Management Platform). 

  • Enhanced training on differing impacts and behaviours per programming template 

  • Effective programming and call sequencing reviewed regularly with BRM/TSP. 

  • Teams channel to be explore for future outage communications in addition to email/push notifications. 

  • Outage message, if possible, should confirm service impact level (voice/data or both).  

  • XT2 digital warden call will be added to CMP. 

  • CSL offer to carry out signal analysis with TSPs in areas with poor connectivity 

  • CSL can site visit to help with connectivity to SIM in blackspot areas 

  • Peripherals (accessories with radio ID) will appear on the CMP to assist asset management. 

  • Request BI (Behavioural Insights) tool to provide advanced CMP analysis and interrogation of data. 

Some of the best practice drawn from this event include:  

  • Review reaction/actions for contingency planning 

  • Consider using CMP group option to RAG status device/SU vulnerability.  

  • Create a CMP enhanced peripheral user group, vulnerable user, and frequent caller to be given RAG status across all SU (Service Users) records. 

  • Call sequencing and impact analysis (primary, secondary, event programming) to be configured by TSP. 

  • Service manager/operator contact group (WhatsApp) 

  • LeGrand confirmed “periodic test” is not required on digital CMP supported devices. 

  • Review CMP user administration function/tiered permission levels 

  • Tagging of devices/fridge magnet with ARC telephone number.

During June, there were 4 instances of network outages that had an impact on Telecare Service Providers. Following discussions at a telecare partnership forum meeting, the decision was made to establish a dedicated working group to address network outages. Our Network Outages Community on Viva Engage aims to enable partnerships to promptly report issues as they arise, share their insights and experiences, discuss the repercussions of these outages, and create guidelines that can benefit other Telecare Service Providers. To join this community, register your details here.