Digital Telecare for Scottish Local Government are delighted to confirm that Edinburgh Health and Social Care Partnership has been awarded the Bronze Digital Telecare Implementation Award in recognition of the progress they have made on their analogue to digital telecare transition project.

To achieve Bronze status, a telecare service provider must have implemented a fully operational digital alarm receiving centre solution. This is the first major milestone in the transition to digital telecare and sets the foundations upon which the rest of the digital telecare transition will rest.

As one of the very first telecare service providers to begin the transition, the journey for Edinburgh Health and Social Care Partnership has been neither simple nor straight forward. Compared to when Edinburgh began their transition back in 2018, the readiness of the market to meet the demands of digital telecare solutions, along with telecare service provider's understanding of what these demands are, has developed significantly. The work of earlier adopters like Edinburgh Health and Social Care Partnership, and their willingness to share their learning, has contributed significantly to this development, and Edinburgh Health and Social Care Partnership’s achievement must be viewed in this context, as those telecare service providers who follow will have a smoother transition as a direct result of this work.

Achieving the Bronze Award is a significant achievement and now that this digital alarm receiving solution is in place, Edinburgh Health and Social Care Partnership can move towards the first phase of testing with alarms and peripherals.

We extend our wholehearted congratulations to Edinburgh Health and Social Care Partnership and look forward to continuing to work with them as they progress towards the Silver Digital Telecare Implementation Award.

For further information on the Digital Telecare Implementation Award Scheme, please visit our Digital Telecare Playbook.