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Award. Digital Telecare. 25.01.2021

The first device and first service have passed through the Digital Telecare Security Assessment Scheme and been added to the Assessed Supplier List. 

To ensure a consistent and best practice approach is taken to cyber security, Digital Telecare for Scottish Local Government has designed an assessment procedure that digital telecare suppliers can elect to undergo. Where a supplier meets the fair and common minimum-security standard, their name and the detail of the equipment and/or service assessed will be added to an 'Assessed Supplier List'. Telecare service providers will be able to access details of the accredited equipment and/or services and use this as evidence that appropriate cyber security is in place, rather than having to complete the assessment themselves. Given this, the assessment approach should ensure a time and effort saving, both for service providers and suppliers.

On Monday 25 January 2021, the Assessed Supplier List was published and included the first device and first service which has passed the minimum-security standard assessment. 

The Assessed Supplier List is available on the Digital Telecare Playbook which is accessible to telecare service providers who are engaging with Digital Telecare. 


To find out more about the Digital Telecare Security Assessment Scheme, visit the Initatives section of our website. 

If you have any questions relating to the Scheme, please get in touch