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Announcement. DIGITAL TELECARE. 29.03.2023

Digital Telecare for Scottish Local Government, Technology Enabled Care and Scotland Excel are delighted to announce the launch of the procurement for the Shared Alarm Receiving Centre Technology Solution (Shared ARC), a common platform for alarm receiving centres in Scotland. 


The Shared ARC is a cloud based technology solution that will assist Telecare Service Providers as they progress with their transition from analogue to digital telecare, and will provide a platform for innovation for the telecare sector in Scotland.  


The benefits of the Shared ARC include: 

  • Simplified and accelerated procurement process 
  • Reduced technical burden 
  • Cost savings through collective approach 
  • Provides a scalable and resilient solution
  • The use of open protocols, data standards and APIs
  • Simplifies future telecare development
  • Powers a national approach to innovation 
  • Supports better use of data.

The technical specification for the Shared ARC has been co-created with our 15 Early Adopters (Local Authorities and Housing Associations).  


Martyn Wallace, Senior Responsible Officer for Digital Telecare, said: "The national Shared Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) for telecare services in Scotland will not only provide a vital lifeline for those in need throughout the digital switchover, but also a powerful tool for integration with the wider health and social care sector. By harnessing the latest in cloud technology and innovation, we can unlock the potential of telecare to transform the way we deliver care and support, enabling us to meet the growing demands of an ageing population while reducing costs and improving outcomes for all."


David Brown, Business Relationship Manager for Digital Telecare, said: "Developed through collaboration between key stakeholders, the Shared ARC can revolutionise the way we deliver telecare services for the citizens of Scotland. By leveraging the power of cloud, greater integration and advanced analytics, we can not only provide timely assistance in emergencies, but also proactively identify potential risks and intervene earlier. The wider benefits for the sector in Scotland are immeasurable, as this innovative solution can support early intervention and prevention, improved citizen outcomes, reduce costs, and ultimately enhance the quality of life for those who rely on these critical services."


The Shared ARC Tender went live on PCS Scotland on Friday 17th March, and will be out for five weeks with a close date of Friday 28th April 2023 at 12:00 GMT. 


If you are a Telecare Service Provider and are interested in finding out more about the Shared ARC Programme, please contact digitaltelecare@digitaloffice.scot 


If you are a supplier and are interested in tendering for the Shared ARC project, you can access the Tender now.