Digital Telecare for Scottish Local Government is delighted to announce that the brand-new Workforce Pathway is now available on the Digital Telecare Playbook to support telecare service providers with their transition to digital telecare.

A critical part of introducing any new technology is ensuring that the end user has the required skills and knowledge to successfully use it, and this most definitely holds true for the introduction of digital telecare.

The Workforce Pathway has been co-created to support telecare service providers to both meaningfully engage the workforce in the transition to digital telecare and to help create an ongoing engagement approach to ensure all colleagues are able to thrive in the new digital world.

Split into the classic three pathway phases of: Discovery, Planning and Implementation, the Discovery and Planning phases explore the digital telecare transition itself. These phases provide methodologies and case studies to support the engagement of the workforce in the transition, and explore the changes to operational processes a shift to digital is likely to bring. The Implementation phase then shifts it’s focus to the delivery of a digital telecare service by looking at the new skills and roles this could require.

A second iteration of the Workforce Pathway is planned for Summer 2021 which will include additional guidance on change management, training opportunities and a draft workforce development plan.

Telecare service providers including: local authorities, health and social care partnerships and housing providers can access this Pathway by registering to the Digital Telecare Playbook. 

If you have any queries regarding the brand new Workforce Pathway, please get in touch.