Digital Telecare for Scottish Local Government is delighted to announce the launch of the brand new Stakeholder Engagement Pathway available on the Digital Telecare Playbook to support telecare service providers with their transition to digital telecare.

The Stakeholder Engagement Pathway has been co-created and designed to support telecare service providers to co-ordinate stakeholder engagement throughout the implementation of digital telecare.

The pathway initially focuses on two critical stakeholder groups: Citizens and Senior Management. It provides best practice guidance, templates and resource materials designed to make engaging with the outlined critical stakeholder groups as straight forward and quick process as possible.

Split into the classic three pathway phases, the discovery phase introduces the methodology behind the pathway and provides some initial guidance on identifying and engaging stakeholders. The Planning and Implementation phases build on this foundation, providing communication templates and supporting materials for specific parts of the analogue to digital telecare transition process.

Additional materials are already being planned for early 2021 focusing on the ‘Creating Council Value’ approach to stakeholder engagement and more polished communication templates to match the National Campaign


For further information, we are hosting a session to introduce the brand new Stakeholder Engagement Pathway at this year’s DigiFest2020. The session called The Digital Telecare Playbook - background, use and new developments for this resource will take place on Friday 11 December, 3-4pm.

Delegates can sign up to our session by registering for the DigiFest2020 festival using the link below and clicking plus next to our session to add it to their calendar to join in on the day.


If you have any questions relating to the Stakeholder Engagement Pathway, please get in touch.