The national ALL-IP programme (analogue to digital telephony infrastructure migration) is well underway to be concluded by 2025. The 2025 date associated with the rollout is a deadline, the process has already begun with phased migration across the UK, with agreed plans to implement a stop-sell of analogue infrastructure by 2023 and the application of digital infrastructure as part of new development bricks and mortar right now. This has implications for grouped living or warden call solutions that are in place across Scotland’s sheltered, supported and retirement housing communities. 

At the heart of this change is the citizen experience and coproduction of solutions that best serve their needs in a personalised way. In order to do this we need to discover the possibilities of technology available for digitally enabled care and support. 

In March, the National Digital Telecare Team and the TEC in Housing (TECH) programme held their first joint webinar “Telecare: Analogue to Digital” and shone a spotlight on the risks, opportunities and the importance of customer engagement, partnership working and co-design in the digital transition.  

The next 2 sessions will see a number of suppliers from the telecare industry undertake a show and tell of their digital solutions, with a question and answer session and an expert panel raising prevalent issues for commissioners and service providers. 

Tim Mulrey, Business & Strategy Lead for the TEC Services Associations (TSA) will facilitate the sessions and by the end of both you will have a clear understanding of: 

  •  A range of potential telecare suppliers and valuable insight into the functionality of their digital solutions 
  • Key procurement considerations as viewed by experts in housing and telecare 

These free events will be of interest to housing providers (RSL or LA) with analogue group living/warden call systems in any of their properties and to HSCP staff working in partnership with housing providers. 

It will be of particular interest to those leading on the digitalswitchover, those responsible for strategic planning, delivery of care and support, procurement/commissioning, asset management, ICT and Tenant Engagement services.