The Digital Telecare team has been actively working on developing additional content for the Digital Telecare Playbook and is happy to announce the release of the brand new Outline Business Case to support partners transitioning to digital telecare.

The Outline Business Case (OBC) is a resource provided within our Digital Telecare Playbook which discusses the outcome of exploration undertaken by the national Digital Telecare portfolio of programmes to consider a digital telecare solution, taking into account local requirements and what needs to be done to scale a new paradigm across Scotland.  It also outlines a set of recommendations, which, if approved, will become the key drivers to perpetuate an ongoing national change initiative for digital telecare.

As a dual function, this Outline Business Case provides information to support Partnerships to define their business requirements for a rollout of digital telecare in Scotland. Particular focus will be to highlight strategic challenges facing telecare services, what Digital Telecare can do to support change, the benefits of digital telecare services, of a national approach to the transformational change, the impact that ‘Doing Nothing’ would have on the citizens receiving analogue telecare services and what success looks like.

How do I access the Outline Business Case? 

To access the Outline Business Case you must be registered to the Digital Telecare Playbook. Once registered, you can locate the Outline Business Case within the Management Pathway: Phase 2 Business Case Sign off section. Click the "Access the Digital Telecare Playbook" link to register or login to view the Outline Business Case now.
If you would like to learn more about the Outline Business Case or have any queries regarding the Digital Telecare Playbook, please get in touch with us at digitaltelecare@digitaloffice.scot.