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Playbook Review Process: Enhancing the Digital Telecare Playbook

Blog. Digital Telecare. 30.10.2023

Our review of the Digital Telecare Playbook started back in November 2021, and since then, we've been busy gathering valuable insights. We've conducted two surveys, hosted a productive workshop, engaged in one-on-one meetings, and created an options appraisal to gain an understanding of our partners' requirements for the upcoming 12 months.

After carefully assessing the options, we reached an agreement to establish a short-term working group. This group will be tasked with advancing the priority themes identified by Telecare Service Providers and implementing the required changes to further refine the already successful content and structure that was initially introduced in October 2019.

The short-term working group met regularly throughout 2022, playing a pivotal role in shaping the direction of the Playbook review. They also contributed to the development of content for the Technical Advisory Group (TAG).

The meetings brought several key insights. It was clear that the Playbook serves as an invaluable tool for Telecare Service Providers. Additionally, the discussions emphasised the areas in need of improvement, while also reaffirming the benefits of having a repository of information to hand throughout the analogue to digital migration.

Some of the benefits include: 

  • Easy accessibility
  • Extensive document library
  • Convenience of having all the information consolidated in one place
  • Quality of the documents and templates

However, areas where improvement was identified included: 

  • Absence of a search facility
  • Suggestion for a revised glossary
  • Need for a general layout cleanup in The Playbook to facilitate straightforward navigation. 
  • Additional content and videos
  • Have an end-to-end pathway

These valuable insights have helped guide the efforts to enhance the user experience.

As well as working with the short life working group to create new documents to complete the review, we have been working with Project Managers on the PM/ Project Lead Group to review video content that will also complement the Playbook’s existing documentation. 

The four priority themes that we worked through based on feedback from the short life working group were: 

  • An improved Search Functionality; with search bar at the top, a key word search, and an updated glossary with filters and links. 
  • Pathway Review and Changes; To cut down on the number of pathways and propose new pathways/phases to be scoped out. 
  • Ease of Navigation; with a fresh-looking website, accessible branding, and a new home page.  
  • Additional Content and new Pathways; which have been added to our backlog to continue developing for future iterations to be released through the TAG.  

Our journey to improve the Playbook is ongoing, and while there have been a couple of change requests that we couldn't accommodate due to developer limitations, we remain committed to collaborating with our developers and with you. We are dedicated to future iterations, addressing these requests, and eagerly look forward to receiving your continued feedback. Your input is invaluable in making the Digital Telecare Playbook even better.