One of the recommendations from the National Telecare COVID19 Advisory Group is that Partnerships consider whether remote working can help improve the resilience of telecare service delivery, both during the COVID19 crisis, and in the longer term.

Remote working arrangements would allow call takers, and other staff involved in telecare delivery, to access the telecare solution even if they are unable to physically enter the Partnership’s offices, therefore helping to keep services operational. A number of Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) solutions currently in use in Scotland can support remote working, however, the exact detail of how this is implemented will vary between Partnerships. 

Benefits of remote working could include:

  • Allowing call takers to continue to work if they are self-isolating (but are otherwise healthy);
  • Reducing the number of staff that work from the office; simplifying social distancing arrangements and reducing the likelihood of staff being exposed to infection;
  • Allowing Partnerships to use home-based workers for short periods to help cope with any call peaks;
  • Allowing installation and response staff to update client records without having to access offices.

These arrangements can potentially assist Partnerships respond to the COVID situation, but if implemented will also deliver benefits in the longer term, including:

  • Allowing call takers to work from home during business continuity events, such as severe weather, or evacuation of a primary ARC;
  • Using home-based call takers to provide flexible resource, potentially for short periods, to assist with call peaks, staff absence / sickness, etc;
  • Using home working to assist with flexible working and job satisfaction.

The TEC Programme and Digital Telecare will support Partnerships looking to implement remote working and is seeking expressions of interest from organisations that wish to take up this offer. The support available includes:

  • Specialist advice and best practice to assist Partnerships develop the technical, security and operational arrangements required to implement remote working;
  • Technical and project management resource to assist Partnerships develop and implement remote working.

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If you have any questions about the support available for remote working, please get in touch.