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Shared ARC Platform Use Case Workshop

Event. Digital Telecare. 15.05.2024

On Monday 13th of May, the Digital Office hosted a Shared ARC Platform Use Case Workshop in collaboration with Chubb and Skyresponse.  

The aim of this initiative was to enhance data sharing efficiencies within the Scottish telecare delivery landscape by creating use cases that will optimise the benefits of the Shared ARC Platform. 

The Shared ARC Platform offers a unique opportunity to simplify data sharing processes. With secure and reliable system integrations, the software has demonstrated success in implementing integrations that: 

  • Make manual data transfer processes more efficient. 

  • Improve the data quality across all systems connected with the response centres’ operations.

With a range of representatives across our adopter organisations, this workshop focused on how the Shared ARC Platform can reduce costs and enhance quality of services. Ahead of the workshop, our adopters provided operational workflows relating to moving information from one system to another. The data gathered was then analysed and the workflows with the greatest impact were presented as potential use cases during the workshop. 

The workshop was a great opportunity for our face-to-face and online attendees to learn about and compare current operational processes across other organisations. Martin Reidevall, Skyresponse, started the session by giving use case examples where the Shared ARC Platform system, Chubb Cloud Care Control, has been used in Europe. After that, Niklas Norstedt, Skyresponse, presented the data collected from the workflows, inviting attendees to discuss their own operational processes to identify realistic options for the use cases. 

The information collected from this workshop will be used to further develop the use cases. Our goal is to make the finalised use cases available to all Telecare Service Providers soon, watch this space!