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Telecare Information Framework for Scotland

Announcement. Digital Telecare . 05.10.2023

Telecare Information Framework for Scotland

Launched on the 12th July 2023, the Framework (formerly termed the Scottish Telecare Minimum Dataset) comprises a core set of defined fields, capturing information to illustrate the use and impact of telecare service provision in Scotland. The insights which can be taken from this data will support services to:

  • Make evidence-based decisions on service provision for individuals
  • Plan service delivery effectively
  • Produce relevant standardised data which can be shared across the wider organisation to support the shift to early intervention and prevention

The content of the Telecare Information Framework has been developed in collaboration with the Scottish Government’s Technology Enabled Care (TEC) programme, The Digital Office Digital Telecare Programme, and with organisations delivering telecare services across Scotland.

Looking ahead, the Telecare Information Framework is set to be a cornerstone of national reporting, generating a comprehensive body of evidence regarding the profound impact of telecare at a national level. It will inform strategic decision-making, providing invaluable insights that will shape the future of the telecare sector in Scotland. This is not just data; it's a catalyst for transformation, innovation, and a brighter future for telecare services across the nation.

You can access the Telecare Information Framework for Scotland here.