Digital Telecare for Scottish Local Government are delighted to announce that we are hosting a Creating a Scottish vision for the future of digital telecare data workshop as part of the Data Fringe Festival.

The transition to digital telecare raises a fundamental question, will digital telecare data be the same as analogue telecare data, and how do we achieve more? Analogue telecare data is characterised by management at a local level and manual processes, but what might a national approach utilising real time data and predictive analytics be able to achieve? 

This workshop will invite attendees to engage in the art of the possible and to explore what a cutting-edge national approach to Digital Telecare Data could look like in Scotland, and how this could be harnessed to drive continuous improvement, innovation and ultimately to achieve better outcomes for Scottish citizens.

Based around the input from subject matter experts, the first half of the workshop will seek to inspire attendees and open their minds to the possibilities for the future of Scottish Digital Telecare Data covering such topics as:

  • Data ownership;
  • Open platforms;
  • Real time data services;
  • Predictive analytics;
  • Open Data.

Harnessing that inspiration, the second part of the workshop will guide attendees through some interactive exercises designed to generate ideas for either the overall vision of the future for digital telecare data, or particular projects or deliverables.

Ideas, comments and feedback from the workshop will be written up and used to inform initial project priorities and help refine the current vision. Attendees who register their interest will be kept informed and be given the opportunity to reengage in areas relevant to their interests.


If you have any queries regarding the workshop, please get in touch.