| Digital Office | Scottish Local Government

Who we are

We are the Digital Office. Leaders of digital transformation and delivery across Scottish Local Government.

Founded in 2016, we support Scottish local authorities with their digital transformation journeys. We translate and align the actions within the National Digital Strategy into collective and scalable initiatives. You’ll find us headquartered at COSLA in Edinburgh, but our staff are based from home and work across the whole of Scotland. 

Adopting a “Once for Scotland’ approach to digital transformation, our Digital Partnership helps local authorities to harness the full potential of technology, driving service delivery, enhancing outcomes, and efficiencies. In effect, doing more with digital. 

Our dedicated team works closely with local authorities across Scotland, providing the leadership, guidance, resources, and expertise needed to navigate the complexities of the ever changing digital landscape. We understand that each council has unique challenges and priorities, that’s why our approach is always tailored to meet specific needs, ensuring our digital delivery is always with a human touch.

Our Pillars 

Our six key pillars drive all that we do:

  • Digital Leadership
  • Partnership Working and Collaboration
  • Capacity and Capability Building
  • Knowledge Sharing and Collaborative Development
  • Digital Programme Delivery
  • Technical Assurance

Our Business Plan

Developed to be both agile and responsive, our team are currently updating our Business Plan for 2023 - 2025. Launching in October, this plan will outline our progress and priorities for the next two years and summarise our excellent progress to date.