Welcome to the Digital Telecare Playbook.

Welcome to the Digital Telecare Playbook. Using a Once for Scotland approach, Digital Telecare for Scottish Local Government has designed this Playbook which explores the stepping stones to achieve a digital transition through our pathway methodology. 

Scottish Government’s Technology Enabled Care (TEC) Programme has been working to support the integration of both telehealth and telecare by driving improvement, integration and innovation.  In response, TEC established Digital Telecare to explore what would be needed to support Scottish Partnerships transition to a digital telecare service.

Hosted by the Scottish Local Government Digital Office, Digital Telecare has been working closely with Partnerships on this pressing agenda to identify challenges to ensure a smooth, safe, transition to a digital service for citizens in receipt of telecare in their home environments. The activities have also highlighted what Digital Telecare can do to support the need for change and the impact that doing nothing would have on citizens continuing to receive analogue telecare services.

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How to use this Playbook

This Playbook has been designed to group documentation along pathways or user groups. Pathways provide stepping stones for the most common business areas such as management, technical; user pages group the most common documentation specific to a particular user group. Once you have logged in to the Playbook area, you will have access to the Digital Telecare menu option at the top of the page, which will allow you to navigate to the appropriate pathway.